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“In 1997, Chicago had 28,314 dogs and cats come into the Chicago Animal Control and Care (CACC), and 26,394 were killed.”
--PAWS Chicago

“Of the 1,423 U.S. cruelty cases on animal abuse, 70.1% involved dogs, 20.9% involved cats, 24.1% involved other animals.”
--The Humane Society of the United States

“There is no federal cruelty law when it comes to animals. Instead, cases are handled on a state by state basis.”
--Canine Journal

“Anti-cruelty laws exist in all U.S. states and territories to prohibit unnecessary killing, mutilating, torturing, beating, neglecting and abandoning animals, or depriving them of proper food, water or shelter.”
--The Human Society of the United States

Cases Statistics
Average number of animal abuse / cruelty cases reported in the media each year 1920
Percent of animal abuse cases that involved dogs 60%
Percent of animal abuse cases that involved cats 18%
Percent of animal abuse cases that involved other animals 22%
Percent of dog abuse cases that involved pit bulls 26%
Common Types of Abuse Percent
Neglect / Abandonment 32%
Shooting 11%
Hoarding 13%
Beating 8%
Fighting 9%
Stabbing 5%
Mutilation / Torture 5%
Choking / Strangulation / Suffocation 3%
Burning 2%
Poisoning 10%
Other 2%

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Evaluate the Situation:

Are there any signs of animal neglect?
Do they have a safe shelter?
Are they regularly groomed?
Are they fed properly?
Are they treated well?

Report Animal Abuse:

Report it to your local animal control, law enforcement or humane organization.

Understand the Law:

Research anti-cruelty laws in your state and city.
Inform people of the anti-cruelty laws.

Help Prevent Animal Abuse:

Support initiatives that strengthen anti-cruelty laws
Contribute or volunteer at local shelters
Report any animal abuse you see.


Animal Shelters Near You!

Zip Code Name of Place Address
60015 Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter 2200 Riverwoods Rd, Deerfield, IL
60053 Wright-Way Rescue 5915 Lincoln Ave, Morton Grove, IL
60062 Heartland Animal Shelter 2975 Milwaukee Ave, Northbrook, IL
60068 Lake Shore Animal Shelter Park Ridge IL
60195 Chicago Animal Advocates Hoffman Estates, IL
60202 Evanston Animal Shelter 2310 Oakton St, Evanston, IL
60411 South Suburban Humane Society 1103 West End Ave, Chicago Heights, IL
60563 ADOPT Pet Shelter 420 Industrial Dr, Naperville, IL
60608 Chicage Animal Care and Control 2741 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL
60611 LOVIN' LIFE RESCUE 1150 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL
60614 Paws Chicago 1997 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL
60614 One Tail at a Time Adoption Center 2144 N Wood St, Chicago, IL
60616 Gina's Helping Hand 3225 S Prairie Ave, Chicago, IL
60618 Harmony for Cats 2914 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL
60618 ALIVE Rescue 2227 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL
60618 Famous Fido Rescue No Kill Advocacy Wellness & Learning Center 3124 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL
60623 PAWS 3516 W 26th St, Chicago, IL
60630 Chicago Canine Rescue 5272 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL
60637 Animal Welfare League 6224 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL
60640 Pet Taxi N Wolcott Ave, Chicago, IL
60640 Roscoe Recess 1506 W Wilson Ave #1, Chicago, IL
60642 Project Rescue Chicago LLC 1535 N Dayton St, Chicago, IL
60645 Red Door Animal Shelter 2410 W Lunt Ave, Chicago, IL
60645 Tree House Humane Society 7225 N Western Ave, Chicago
60645 Hi Kitty Kitty 2037 W Birchwood Ave, Chicago, IL
60654 The Anti-Cruelity Society 169 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL
60657 Always There Pet Care 1511 West Roscoe, Chicago, IL
60657 St. Francis Animals Center 901 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL
60660 Felines and Canines 6379 N Paulina St, Chicago, IL
60804 Cicero Waggin' Tails Animal Shelter 1800 S Laramie Ave, Cicero, IL


Dolly the Dog


She is a female pitbull who was abused, she was hit on the head with a baseball bat and even lit on fire. Due to the abuse she was left with scabs and burns on her skin and brain damage that left her blind. However, she was saved after a volunteer decided to adopt her.

oogy the Dog


He is a male pitbull who was used in a dogfighting operation. He was use d as bait for a Pitbull and he had his left ear torn-off. He was left in a cage to die, until police officers found him and took him to an animal hospital. He was saved and adopted by a loving family.

Milky the Cat


He was dragged by a man for 20 minutes. He was found in a basket crying in pain. His skin was bruised and had grazes to one side of his body.

Click here to view Dolly's and Oogy's story.

Click here to view Milky's story.


Our Team

Our Team Photo

Behind the scenes of FurEnds: Emily Camacho(left side), Betsy Aguilar(middle), Joselyn Morales(right side)

We are participants at the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program in Chicago. We joined Girls Who Code to challenge ourselves this summer and meet girls our age that are interested to learn Computer Science. This website was made to inform people on ways to prevent animal abuse.